We curate and scale our own social accounts in key niches including luxury, travel and fashion

SCS Media has evolved from our sister social media agency SCS Agency as a hub for our owned brands and social media accounts to strategically develop and scale.

Owned Social media

We curate and build our own social accounts in key niches including beauty, travel and fashion content.

Social Management

We provide strategic social media management services through our sister company SCS Agency.

Influencer Campaigns

We coordinate influencer campaigns through SCS Agency, pairing these with our owned brands.

Owned Brands

We are building a portfolio of brands, enabling us to own all parts of the consumer journey from social to store.

What we do

We create, develop, and scale social brands from conception to launch and beyond, comprising of online businesses, publishers, or communities across various industries.

Ultimately, our mission is owning and scaling owned social-first brands, with our creative, disruptive social-first media and marketing services front and centre.

Our Brands


Is exploring your vibe? This SCS media owned brand brings you the very best in tech and travel accessories in our ecommerce store, alongside travel guides and advice through our thriving social accounts.


If you like your humour as black as your outfits, then you need this in your life. Linking to an SCS Media owned e-commerce shop, this meme filled social account is super popular and scaling fast.

Let's work together

Do you have a business social account you’ve been longing to scale? Own an ecommerce store that needs a strategic revamp? Got a burning idea for a new product to bring to market? Let’s talk.